Alarm Security Concepts

Cash and Valuables in Transit Services Our years of experience and expertise in cash logistics ensure a smooth cash flow. Our specialist vehicles will collect daily takings at your chosen locations for transfer to your bank. We can hold your cash in our strong rooms for transfer to your bank the next day and, in some cases, may be able to collect and deposit on the same day. Monies can be checked against your till controls, combined into a single deposit and paid into the bank’s cash centre for faster credit to your account. Change can be delivered at the same time as cash collections. We offer secure banking movements that protect your staff and your cash against robbery. Cash in Transit (CIT) services save you and your staff time-consuming trips to the bank while guarding you against exposure to the risk of robbery. J & P Security Services is highly experienced in providing CIT services to a wide range of customers including financial institutions, the retail and hospitality sectors, small businesses and local government. We also provide end-to-end ATM services, including cash supply, replenishment and maintenance.

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