Commercial Office Properties

For years, J & P SECURITY SERVICES has been providing security guards at commercial buildings in Zimbabwe. We have designed custom commercial office security programs, emergency preparedness plans and site specific operating procedures to meet the needs of individual office buildings. We recognize our security officers are ambassadors of your building and that’s why we are committed to hiring the best and brightest people. Our security guards are the first person visitors encounter and we know how important it is to make a good first impression.

Gated Communities

J & P SECURITY SERVICES recognizes our gate hosts are the first friendly face your residents and visitors encounter. That’s why; we’re committed to hiring the right person based on your gated community security needs. Many prestigious gated communities throughout Zimbabwe trust J & P SECURITY SERVICES to keep their neighbourhood safe and secure. Our security officers are trained to recognize residents, assist visitors and guests, and watch for unusual activities that might result in theft or other safety issues. With the best trained security personnel in Zimbabwe, J & P SECURITY SERVICES provides customized security programs designed to meet the needs of each community including support functions in the following areas: camera placement, computerized access systems, safety awareness, preparedness planning and professionally trained snake removal. Our highly trained vehicle patrol officers are a visual deterrent for criminal and non-criminal activity. We also provide homeowner assistance in reporting of potential violations. J & P SECURITY SERVICES can provide innovative security and safety solutions that will fit with your community’s mission. We look forward to forming a partnership with you.

Hospitals and Clinical Institutions

Hospital and healthcare security poses unique challenges due to the constant flow of visitors, staff and patients. There is no room for error when it comes to healthcare security. We understand it’s a top priority and that’s why some of the country’s most respected and well-known hospitals trust J & P SECURITY SERVICES. We are capable of providing highly trained and professional security guards and other specialty hospital and healthcare security programs. J & P SECURITY SERVICES also has experience developing customized training programs, security protocols, policies and emergency preparedness plans. Compliance audits, mock survey planning and assistance are also available through J & P SECURITY SERVICES Security.

Vehicle Patrol

A well trained security officer can deter incidents before they happen. That’s why J & P SECURITY SERVICES puts the emphasis on prevention and protection rather than detection and apprehension. Our highly trained security officers and patrol vehicles provide a visual deterrent criminal and non-criminal activity. J & P SECURITY SERVICES officers conduct nightly visits to ensure building systems are in place, doors are locked, security lights are on and there are no signs of unusual activity. Our vehicle patrol security officers are equipped with the latest technology including computerized verification systems that scan specific bar codes and time stamps our officers activity. Clients are sent a weekly report of our activities – just one more step to ensure your building or gated community was monitored.


Cash and Valuables in Transit Services Our years of experience and expertise in cash logistics ensure a smooth cash flow. Our specialist vehicles will collect daily takings at your chosen locations for transfer to your bank. We can hold your cash in our strong rooms for transfer to your bank the next day and, in some cases, may be able to collect and deposit on the same day. Monies can be checked against your till controls, combined into a single deposit and paid into the bank’s cash centre for faster credit to your account. Change can be delivered at the same time as cash collections. We offer secure banking movements that protect your staff and your cash against robbery. Cash in Transit (CIT) services save you and your staff time-consuming trips to the bank while guarding you against exposure to the risk of robbery. J & P Security Services is highly experienced in providing CIT services to a wide range of customers including financial institutions, the retail and hospitality sectors, small businesses and local government. We also provide end-to-end ATM services, including cash supply, replenishment and maintenance.

Security Consulting

J & P SECURITY SERVICES provides gratis safety and security consulting to our clients. We can conduct assessments, hold educational seminars, help develop emergency preparedness plans or specifically tailored security programs that incorporate K9 handlers. Our talented and skilled team is also capable of acting as a project manager and overseeing third party vendors. If you aren’t sure what security program is best for your business or home, contact us for your free preliminary assessment. As your partner, J & P SECURITY SERVICES will work with you to determine which security program is best for your business or property.

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